Hi! My name is Candie.

I’m a wife, dog mom & rock ‘n roll

loving bookkeeper for 25+ years.

My Story

I help potential, new and established business owners with planning, organizing, understanding and, when needed, revamping their back-office (bookkeeping) processes and procedures.

I can help you if you are:

  • in the planning stages of your new business,
  • just starting out in your new business,
  • growing your business and noticing the need for help,
  • already established — and too busy for back-office details!

I’ve been successfully helping businesses of all sizes, in all phases, and in varying degrees of messy, fix, set up, and grow with an amazing bookkeeping system that fits.

If you want some DIY bookkeeping help, sign up for a FREE 30-minute, no obligation, Real Bookkeeping for Real People consultation via phone, Skype, or Google hangout.

During your FREE consultation (a $75 value), we will:  

  • Identify the true stage of your business (planning, startup or established).
  • Discuss how you would prefer to track your business income and expenses.
  • Balance your bookkeeping challenges against the extent of your knowledge.
  • Cover the “short list” of steps to take to get your bookkeeping organized!

After your FREE consultation, I’ll give you a written plan with my suggestions for you. Once we determine the stage of your business, you can choose the option that best suits your needs and budget:

Do it Yourself
Take what I give you and roll on your own. Read more …

Between the Spreadsheets
A monthly call with a monthly fee. Read more …

It’s a Date!
Scheduled support means you’ll have a secured spot in my calendar. Read more …

Ready to talk?

  • Create a plan so you know where you should go from here
  • Learn what you need to know and understand to succeed
  • Thrive as a direct result of you creating a plan
  • Choose the best way for you to implement that plan.  

Sign up for a FREE 30-minute, no obligation, Real Bookkeeping for Real People consultation via phone, Zoom video or Smart Connect!

If you’re still wondering whether we’re a good fit, here are some industries I’ve served:

  • Construction: general contractors to subcontractors, including electrical, plumbing, roofing, painting, wood flooring, and custom cabinetry
  • Service-based businesses: spas and salons, dog boarding and grooming, kennels, doggy daycare, and pest control
  • Car and equipment rentals
  • Property management, hotels, motels, condominium rentals, homeowner’s associations, privately rented personal residences and vacation properties
  • Retail-based businesses, online and brick and mortar
  • Wineries, restaurants, food trucks
  • Manufacturing and production
  • Gas stations, convenience and party stores
  • Home health and medical equipment
  • Franchises
  • Nonprofits

My experience includes a full range of bookkeeping and accounting areas:

  • Payroll Issues:
    • Union and Non-Union Employees
    • Zero to 200 employees
    • Federal, State and Local payroll taxes
    • Prevailing Wage issues
  • Sales and Use Tax issues
  • Checking and Credit card accounts, detailed reconciliations and in-depth problem/balancing determinations.
  • Invoicing, Cash Sales, Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Sales and Use Tax: Determining your liability in and out of your “home” state
  • Accounts Payable, paying bills, recording payments
  • Inventory setup and management
  • In depth understanding Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance numbers
  • Adjusting journal entries/CPA entries
  • Year-end preparation, reviews and preparing for your tax person/CPA – (a HUGE time-saver)
  • Software setup and training: Group and 1-on-1; in person and online.

Let me help you balance your back office, your books — and your life!

Together, we’ll figure out how set you free from the snares in your back-office system, so your business can thrive!


My Back Story:

Originally, I had no intention of becoming an accountant!

A family member purchased a business when I was a junior in high school. He wanted me to work for him fulltime during summers and part time during the school year. He made it clear he wanted me to eventually take over the position of bookkeeper if the position became open. At the time, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, so I thought, “Sure, I’ll try this and see what happens.”

I wanted out of a crappy job in the basement of a bank anyway! So, there I was —  the receptionist for two years — but all the while, I was gradually learning the ins and outs of the company and the bookkeeping from someone who was really amazing at her job. She took it seriously, she was all business (most of the time).

To my surprise, she was more than willing to show me the ropes. Looking back at that time as a very young person in an office with women all much older than I was, I now realize I couldn’t have learned from anyone better.  A few years in, the bookkeeper announced she was leaving the company and moving to another state … There it was: within a few months I was the bookkeeper.

The company I was working for was the best place, the best type of company I could have been learning about! I now realize it covered the entire gamut of accounting. Soon I was processing payroll for 125+ employees every week — and these were not just any employees. Not only was the company a contractor in a construction-based industry, it was union. Union reporting for payroll is a dragon all its own. So, in addition to processing payroll with union accounting, I also had extensive job costing to be completed with each payroll and all the same that applied to the expense side and the income/invoicing side of the business.  It was a challenge.

For the first few years I worked what seemed all day and night to learn and build my knowledge base as much as possible. I had so many wonderful resources and never-ending support. While learning new software and working on implementing changes (keep in mind this was the late 1980s and early 90 … a whole different world as far as tech goes!), I crossed paths with an amazing Certified Public Accountant. The encounter turned into not only an amazing business relationship, but also a mentorship and friendship that evolved through the years. Once again, I had another wizard of a teacher, and found myself learning from the BEST.

Jump to 1995. After some major life changes, including the loss of my mother to cancer at the age of 58, I started to look at life differently. I had always told myself that “someday” I would own my own business. I had no clue what that business would be, but it was going to happen. I appreciated the opportunities the family business had provided to me, the many opportunities and the best education I could have hoped for – learning from direct hands-on experiences, from the best and smartest people around – but it was time for moving on and mixing things up.

Funny thing is, I never planned to end up falling in love with accounting! I swore it wouldn’t happen – and often it was a struggle, but ultimately, I did come to enjoy the work — and more importantly, the clients I would come to know and love.

So, In January of 1995, Blue Skies Bookkeeping was born. At first, I worked mostly assisting businesses with their basic bookkeeping on a weekly or monthly basis. Gradually, I started to connect with more and more businesses that needed help. Lots of help! Untangling the many messes that had come from not having a proper understanding of the how and the why, having proper procedures in place, not having a full understanding of the numbers of their businesses. These were the challenges I loved the most.

I found true joy in helping business owners to understand their bookkeeping – how it works, the what and why and how to understand and use the numbers to grow and prosper.  the big picture. Setting everything up, and providing ongoing support as needed.

In 2015, I wanted to change things up. After falling into the comfortable work of day-to-day bookkeeping for my clients, I was in a rut. I have always loved my clients, but I wanted something more. I asked myself some questions:

What are my favorite tasks in accounting for small businesses?
What has been my most treasured ‘thing’ over these last 25 years?
What can I do that will help small business owners while I still make a living?
How can I contribute to bettering the world in my own small way?

I finally realized that working directly with small business owners, learning about them and the industries they do business in,  learning about what is important to them, their families, helping them to craft a game plan for the day to day and the future of the business. In the end, watching these clients to learn and grow, get a grasp on the numbers and be excited for their success.

This leads me to my next stage of business and My Back Office Coach was born.

I am so excited and grateful to be back to assisting business owners in creating thriving business and all the while, doing exactly what I love to do.